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Chapter one




      Jack, Susan, Roger and Samantha were so excited!  They were staying with Auntie Diana and Uncle Val, near Torquay in Devon .  Every summer they came to this glorious place.  Carew Manor overlooked a horseshoe shaped bay where the azure sea twinkled and the white sands sparkled.   

     “Golly!” said Sam, rather pink-faced, “this outing will be stupendous!  I do wish Mummy and Daddy were coming too!”       

     They were going on a grand adventure in a fantastic limousine, called a Hummer, to Burgh Island .  Their Uncle’s friend, Mr. Martin Squires, would be taking them.  Yesterday, Auntie and Uncle had taken them to Exeter in a hired white stretch limo’, called a Lincoln .  They had had a wizard day exploring the catacombs and Spiffy, the dog, had got lost!

     “Wow!” said Roger, “I want to be a stretch limo’ hire driver.  It is awfully exciting and the uniform is just terrific!   Mr. Squires meets really important people, like Hollywood film stars, and he goes to London and to Heathrow and Gatwick airport, to take corporate clients and people who are going on holiday.  He goes to ‘proms’, birthday parties, school leaver parties, weddings, football games, Royal Ascot, and all sorts of other thrilling places!”

     “There’s Mr. Squires!  There’s Mr. Squires!” called Susan, from the terrace.  “Oh, Spiffy’s running to meet him.  He’s brought the silver Hummer and it’s, oh! so wonderful!  Please come and see everyone!”

     All the children, and Spiffy the dog, rushed to greet Mr. Squires, who was waiting by his glorious Hummer and giving it a last shine whilst he waited.

    “Good day, children and Spiffy,” said Mr. Squires, in his deep and jolly voice. “Welcome to your super steed, the car of the future, the H3 Silver Stretch Hummer Limousine, which will transport you on your Grand Adventure!”

     “Oh!  Oh! Mr. Squires, please show us inside,” squealed the children. 

     “Certainly,” said Martin, in his affable way.  “My Hummer is my pride and joy; the shining star of my limo-hire business.”  Inside the Hummer, the children were almost bursting with the thrill of it all! 

     “Ooh,” said Sam. “Look at those lights!  Please, Mr. Squires, tell us about all these frightfully wizard things!”     

     The interior of the Hummer was just like a virtual Aladdin’s cave!  Mr. Squires patiently explained and showed the children the tinted windows, the air conditioning and the moveable back seats which folded down to accommodate loads of luggage.  However, what really excited them was what Mr. Squires called the ‘space age features.’

     There were two special types of television.  The programmes were not black and white and boring, like the set in Uncle Val’s drawing room.  They were brilliantly coloured and awfully exciting.  One television was enclosed within a sparkling mirrored wall, which reminded the children of a 3D picture.  Above them were twinkling pin dot lights, like the sky at night or the Planetarium in London .  Overhead, all the colours of the rainbow were glowing and fading intermittently.  The children recalled the wonderful patterns made by their kaleidoscopes, but, these magical effects were created by Mr. Martin Squires himself!  He controlled the light show through switches, knobs and levers located on the Hummer’s nerve centre on the dashboard.

     “Ooh!” said Roger.  “It feels as if we are in some sort of aeroplane; some sort of strange silver space craft.  I feel as if we could fly, as if all sorts of weird and wonderful things are just about to happen!”

     There was music too!  Music which sounded as if it came from every corner of the Aladdin’s cave.  Mr Squires showed them the loud speakers, the amplifiers, the stereophonic system.  Roger, Jack and Sam were entranced, but not so Susan!  She loved the colours and the twinkly lights and the comfy cosy seats, but all this talk of technical things just bored her.

     She was investigating the pretty pink and blue illuminated crystal glasses in the Hummer’s cocktail cabinet and the hidden compartment behind the curved couch seating.  She curled up on the couch and watched the television in the sparkling mirrored wall.  Gradually she began to feel drowsy and she felt that she was being transported into a weird narrowing tunnel whose surfaces were glistening with scintillating crystal shards of light.  Down and down and down she went, through many layers of time and space, until finally she reached the entrance to another world.

     “Susan, Susan, wake up,” chorused the other children.  “You must have fallen asleep.  Let’s find Aunty and Uncle; we are ready for the off!

       Millie, the cook, came bustling out with the big straw hamper, whilst Auntie and Uncle arrived. Auntie had a very white face and was holding a handkerchief up to her face.  Uncle looked very concerned indeed. 

     "Really Val," said Aunty Diana, "I don't think I can manage. This migraine is so jolly awful."

     "Don't worry, my dear," said Uncle Val. "Your white pallor worries me; no pretty pink cheeks today.  We can all manage without you, although we'll all miss you very much.  Millie, take your mistress to her room."

       All of a sudden, Spiffy, who had been running around in circles chasing an imaginary bird, collided spectacularly with Uncle.  Uncle, in turn, tumbled over his silver topped stick and came down "bang" on the gravelled drive.  Mr. Squires rushed to the scene with the children in hot pursuit.  Uncle was groaning horribly and his left leg was crumpled and twisted under his body. 

      "Martin," groaned Uncle, “could you please take me to Torquay Hospital in your limousine, as fast as you can?  I think my leg is broken."

      "No, no, Sir," said Mr. Squires firmly, “we mustn't move you. I'll take the Hummer to Cockington village and get Dr. Cholmondeley.  The children will look after you.  My Hummer will get there in no time!"

      Off went Mr. Martin Squires, in his silver Hummer, calm and collected, in spite of the emergency. 

     "Gosh," said Roger, "see what I mean about being a limo-hire chauffeur; all sorts of exciting adventures happen!  The silver Hummer will get to the village so quickly and safely.  Good job, we haven't got to use the pony and trap!"

     Susan and Sam fussed over Uncle whilst Jack and Roger reprimanded Spiffy for his naughty behaviour.  Uncle was white with shock and his teeth were chattering with cold whilst his silver topped stick lay crumpled and forlorn beside him.  The girls had no sooner covered Uncle with a pink blanket and put a silver and white stripy cushion under his head, than Mr. Squires arrived in the silver Hummer with the doctor.  They sprinted across the drive.  Their faces were very serious indeed.  Uncle seemed to be moaning in his sleep; his white face protruding above the pink blanker, in a weird and 'other-worldly' kind of way.  The children hushed; they realised Uncle was very ill indeed. 

      Mr. Squires sprang into action.  He brought the stretch Hummer, as close as he could, after Doctor Cholmondely had given whispered instructions.  Somehow, the Doctor, Mr. Squires and Mr. Grimes, the gardener, were able to gently lift the white-faced invalid into the awaiting Hummer.  The soft, accommodating seats were sure to give poor Uncle a safe and comfortable ride to Torquay Hospital .  All the children waved and said goodbye, and even Spiffy, recognising the gravity of the situation, stayed uncharacteristically silent.  The doctor had accompanied Mr. Squires in the stretch Hummer, and, a hushed silence fell over the disconsolate little group.  The white sands still sparkled beside the azure sea, and the day was still glorious, but the children were glum.

       "Golly," said Roger, "I know I should only care about poor Uncle, but what about our Grand Adventure in the super silver Hummer?"

       "Roger," said Susan, “how could you?”  She was pink with righteous indignation!  "You are an ungrateful wretch!"  She smoothed down her pretty orange shorts which were covered with gravel.  "Poor Aunty lying there in a darkened room, with her white face turned to the wall, and Uncle Val being dashed to Torquay Hospital in the Hummer limousine with Mr. Martin Squires and Dr. Cholmondeley, to have an emergency operation. But I must admit I feel so terribly disappointed."

       "Oh! So do we!" chorused the others, their pink cheeks glowing with exertion, and tears tumbling down as they spoke.

       Suddenly, Silas the Postman arrived on his silver Post Office bike. 

       "I bain't never peddled so fast in all my days," he panted.  His cheeks were flushed pink and he was gasping.  Between breaths, he told the anxious children that Mr. Squires had spoken to Mrs. Crocker on the telephone at Cockington Post Office and that all was well with Uncle Val!  The heroic Hummer had done its sterling job and Uncle was safe and secure, tucked up in bed under starched white sheets, in Dartmoor Ward in Torquay Hospital .

        "Let's tell Auntie!” said Sam, picking up Uncle's silver-topped stick. 

         Auntie was so pleased, and said, "What would we do without our wonderful friend, Mr. Martin Squires.  His fleets of limousines are invaluable to us in, oh! so many ways. His white stretch limo is, oh! so useful for the city; his pink limo for 'fun' events, and the Hummer, well, what can we say, children?  The Hummer has saved the day and your beloved Uncle!"

       "Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!" chorused the pink-faced children in unison, whilst bouncing on Auntie’s white coverlet.  "Three cheers for Mr. Martin Squires and his fleet of limousines; three cheers for the pink, white and silver; three cheers for limo-hire!”


To be continued


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